What is exercise adaptation, and how does it impact our results?

You found a fitness routine that challenged you. It pushed you to become better, and you experienced positive physical results. But then at some point, you reached a plateau. You have been putting in the same effort, but your positive results have stalled.

Why does this invariably happen?  It happens because our bodies have an incredible ability to adapt. The SAID principle asserts that we adapt to imposed stressors. Whether biomechanical or neurological, the human body creates a Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands.

Therefore, your training must induce new stressors to forge positive results continuously.

HYLETE’s Variable Intensity Circuit Training (VICT) is a mix of five types of Circuits. Each Circuit has a different mix of aerobic and anaerobic intensity zones. Leveraging these within training plans, we call Tracks, VICT can you help power through the plateaus to reach new levels of health and happiness.

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