Are you ready to explore the five different types of vict circuits?

The Variable Intensity Circuit Training (VICT) system is comprised of five different types of circuits:  Mobility, Cardio, Endurance, Sculpt, and Strength. Each of the circuits has a specific range of resistance and tempo level, and as a result, an implied “Intensity Zone” per the chart below.


Intensity Zone 1 – Mobility (Blue)

Mobility Circuits are designed with low resistance, stabilization, and balance movements to help you develop a full range of motion as well as enhancing your mind-body connection.

Intensity Zone 2 – Cardio (Green)

Cardio Circuits are designed with low weight resistance and a high tempo so that you increase your aerobic conditioning.

Intensity Zone 3 – Endurance (Yellow)

Endurance Circuits are designed with moderate weight resistance and moderate to high tempo so that you increase your muscular endurance along with aerobic conditioning.

Intensity Zone 4 – Sculpt (Orange)

Sculpt Circuits are designed to have moderate to heavier weight resistance and moderate tempo while leveraging isolation and targeting of specific muscles to build muscle definition and strength.

Intensity Zone 5 – Strength (Red)

Strength Circuits are designed to utilize heavier weight resistance and low tempo while leveraging faster, powerful movements so that you can build muscle size and strength.