Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my circuit?

Who can sign up?

What if I'm not in shape?

What if my teammate isn't available to work out in person with me?

What if my teammate is more fit than me?

How are the workouts communicated?

How were the 5 circuits developed?

How do you win the grand prize?

What is the additional grand prize eligibility for the service league?

When will the grand prize winners be chosen?

What is the Circuit Challenge?

Who can sign up?

Anyone can sign up. We especially encourage anyone in the HYLETE Nation who works out all the time to find a friend who wants to get back into fitness, and choose them as their teammate in this first Circuit Challenge of 2020.

What if I’m not in shape? Can I sign up?

Absolutely! The nice thing about the HYLETE Circuit Training App is that it’s going to provide you with alternative movements. As we do the live broadcast each Monday, we’re going to show you bodyweight and modified movements if you’re not quite ready to pick up a kettlebell or dumbbell. If you haven’t worked out in a while, it’s an opportunity to get some good coaching and tips to get back into your fitness regimen.

What if my teammate isn’t available to work out in person with me?

You complete the Circuit Challenge on the HYLETE Circuit Training App that registers your score, so you can complete each Circuit the same place and time, or be anywhere in the world, and choose that other person as a teammate.

What if my teammate is more fit than me?

The Circuit Challenge is about getting people into fitness, and there are built-in levels within the app that help make this possible. Each team member has the option to select their preferred level from beginner to advanced. There are also alternate exercise options to choose from. It’s really about the camaraderie and completing the workouts. It’s not about how fast you do it, or how much weight you lift. It’s doing it at your level while challenging each other to complete all 5 Circuits over the Circuit Challenge time period.

How are the workouts communicated?

Each Circuit will be communicated in a couple of different ways. It will be published on the HYLETE Circuit Training App each Friday. Then on Monday, when we broadcast the workout live, you can participate live, or watch it afterward on a recorded version right here in the HYLETE Circuit Studio. You can also subscribe to the HYLETE Newsletter and follow HYLETE on social media to stay notified about all Circuit Challenge announcements.

How were the 5 Circuits developed?

Each Circuit was developed by our team of certified trainers. They capture a progression of 5 different types of Circuits, starting with Mobility, then Cardio, then Endurance, then Sculpt, and finally a Strength Circuit.

How do you win the grand prize?

Each team member needs to complete all 5 Circuits for their team to qualify. During the course of the entire circuit challenge, every time you complete a circuit on the HYLETE Circuit Training App, you also get an additional entry. The great part is if you win the grand prize, so does your teammate!

What is the additional grand prize eligibility for the Service League?

To show respect for those who serve in the military and first responders, we wanted to give them an additional opportunity. They’ll be part of the grand prize drawing, but then we’ll take everyone who has at least one service member in their team, put them in another “fish bowl” and pull out their entry, and somebody in the service league will win the grand prize for them and their teammate.

When will the grand prize winner be chosen?

Everyone will have until April 30th to complete all 5 Circuits. Following this, we’ll not only draw the grand prize winners, but we’ll also throw in some other prizes for everybody who completes those 5 Circuits!

UPDATE: Due to extending the Challenge to end on April 30, 2020, the Grand Prize Winners will now be announced on May 5, 2020.

How many people can be on a team?

You can be the Captain of only one team. Teams can only be made up of two teammates.

Top FAQs from the Community

How do we record that we completed a circuit? I’m not sure I totally understand how this works. We do each circuit (routine), then what?

When you complete a circuit on the HYLETE Circuit Training App it will be logged in the database.  Each circuit you complete will get you and your teammate one entry into the prize drawings. Of course, both team members need to complete the 5 Challenge Circuits to be eligible for prizes.

What type of equipment, space, or access to the gym do I need for the challenge?

The suggested equipment includes an ab mat, box, kettlebell, wallball, and bumper plate. Modifications include bodyweight, a step, and a dumbbell. In the video below, we demonstrate modifications that can be used throughout the challenge.

I am making this a part of my small group class and will set up as a circuit for about 6-8 people. My partner is one of them. Are we completing as a team with the number of rounds noted or we each complete the circuit in the 30 mins?

The Circuit Challenge is great to complete as a team! To participate as a team, each person needs to complete the full workout which consists of the 30 minute circuit with a goal of reaching 5-6 loops "rounds" each. 

The demonstration videos aren't loading. Where can I go to watch them?

When the circuit says to complete 6 single-arm kettlebell bent over rows, is that 6 total reps or 6 per side?

The number of reps listed in the app, represents the total number of reps of each Circuit Movement per loop. If the movement is 6 reps of single-arm kettlebell bent over rows, we suggest completing 3 per side alternating arms with each rep.